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Making Confidence Our Travel Companion: Managing the environment to reduce transmission in public transport.

Returning to public transport, especially after removing mask mandates, has led to widespread uncertainty.

With a forward focus on rebuilding confidence in our public transportation systems through scientific understanding, this session is Part 1 of a two-part series on Making Confidence our Travel Companion.

Join us as we examine the technological challenges and opportunities in the transportation sector led by some of our leading scientists and practitioners in indoor air quality and bioaerosol research, pathogen detection and monitoring, infection control and decontamination, public transport air management systems, and emergency response to airborne threats.

Confirmed Experts

Zaheer Nasar, PhD

Academic Fellow in Atmospheric Aerosols at Cranfield University

Brett Cole

Managing Director & Chief Occupational Hygienist

Joshua Pitcher

Engineering Manager HVAC

Yair Hazi

Senior Consultant & Jurisdictional Coordinator IV at LMI

Ted Cowan

Senior Recovery Specialist at DCMC Partners


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    Please register me for this.

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