We must make changes in the way we handle infectious diseases.

And these changes must be radical.

The issue at hand

  • Information is coming from all sides.
  • Science is dynamic and complex.
  • There is too much guidance at too high of a level.
  • Lack of confidence that environmental transmission is real and controllable.

The Solution

It's hard to find detailed, science-based advice for making spaces safer for staff, customers, and communities.
Guidelines for building owners and organizations are often too broad to be easily implemented and change all of the time.
We're looking to solve that.

We help solve this by connecting the leaders in disparate areas of science and research, not only with one another but within the communities and organizations that need it most.

What we provide:

  • Digested information, in laypersons' terms, and easily accessible for everyone.
  • Means to practically implement through resources such as checklists and a quality control process to achieve and maintain healthy spaces.
  • Real-time measures of environmental transmission potential to gather the most accurate data surrounding infectious disease possible.

The IBEC Approach

IBEC's consortium of subject matter experts works together to establish a consensus for the best way for organizations and communities to use the most up-to-date available guidance.

We collate and curate the scientific community's consensus in one place and in an easy way to understand so that you can make effective decisions to put this expertise to work.

Learn more about the work we are doing and how it makes a difference.