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At the heart of IBEC lies a simple yet profound truth: when we unite science, engineering, behavior, and practical applications, remarkable achievements unfold. Our consortium is more than a network—it's a shared aspiration for a sustainable and healthy tomorrow.

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IBEC thrives as a consortium—a dynamic collective of passionate individuals, innovative businesses, and forward-thinking institutions. Your membership is the cornerstone of our collective power to enact change. Together, we can turn groundbreaking research into actionable strategies that redefine industry standards and enhance human comfort and safety.

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Elevate your professional journey, adding distinguished experiences to your CV.

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Embrace the opportunity to foster a healthier planet, nurture the well-being of your community, and grow personally and professionally.

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Corporate Membership
(up to 5 seats)

$5,000 / Year

Specially tailored for consulting companies, technology companies, and large corporations

That want to contribute to IBEC’s Knowledge Products, share in program delivery, and make the best out of our co-branding and cross-marketing opportunities.


Small Business or Non-profit Association Membership

$600 / Year

Ideal for Restaurants, Cleaning/Janitorial services and other small companies

That need access to IBEC’s Knowledge Products and programs to support their operations as they work to improve safety and confidence for their clientele.

You can also get the Small Business or Non-profit Association Membership Bundle (3 seats included) for $ 1,500.00 / year.


Individual Membership

$250 / Year

The best option for government employees, university professors, research scientists and other industry professionals.

Aaron Packman
Aaron Packman

PhD, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering at Northwestern University

Paula J. Olsiewski

PhD, Contributing Scholar at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Claire Bird

PhD, Technical and Managing Director at LITMAS Pty Ltd