Watch this session to learn about the needs regarding infectious diseases of one of our most vulnerable workforces: gig workers

CLEAN Lessons Learned

Protecting Our Most Vulnerable Workers: Challenges, Solutions & Invisible Barriers

Gig Economy Workers Discussion Panel: Knowledge Dissemination and Application

This was the Gig Economy session of the CLEAN 2022 summit: Protecting Our Most Vulnerable Workers: Challenges, Solutions & Invisible Barriers with moderators Kenneth Martinez and Corey Boles and speakers Corey Boles and El’gin Avila. 

This session brought together professionals who delved into the concerns surrounding gig worker safety in the context of infectious diseases. Central to the discussions was the heightened vulnerability of gig workers to infectious disease spread, given their unique work environments and frequent human interactions.

Participants addressed the critical gaps in current safety protocols tailored to the gig economy. They emphasized the need for rigorous health standards specifically to prevent gig workers’ infectious disease transmission. The discourse stressed effective communication channels to inform gig workers about emerging health threats and best practices to safeguard against them.

Concluding on a hopeful note, there was a collective call to action for health specialists, policymakers, and industry leaders to collaborate, ensuring that gig workers are adequately protected against infectious disease risks.

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