Watch this session to learn about the needs regarding infectious diseases of one of our most vulnerable workforces: first responders

CLEAN Lessons Learned

Protecting Our Most Vulnerable Workers: Challenges, Solutions & Invisible Barriers

First Responder Discussion Panel: Risks, Training, PPE and Decontamination

This was the First Responders session of the CLEAN 2022 Summit: Protecting Our Most Vulnerable Workers: Challenges, Solutions & Invisible Barriers; with moderators David Ladd and Michael Ferreira and speakers Jeremy Black, Gordon Helper, John Simpson, and Paul V. D’Ulisse.

Industry professionals convened to discuss infectious disease safety tips for first responders. Attendees, hailing from various emergency service sectors, engaged in a conversation about the challenges first responders face amidst infectious disease outbreaks.

The dialogue spotlighted the dual challenge of meeting the immediate demands of their roles while adhering to vital safety protocols. Many expressed the sentiment that, given their line of work, exposure to the virus might be inevitable. Yet, there was unanimous consensus on the importance of safety and continuous adaptation.

A significant event segment was dedicated to first responders’ safety resources. These resources aim to equip first responders with the tools and strategies to minimize risks. The emphasis was on personal protective equipment, especially in high-risk tasks like rescues and direct public interactions.

Overall, the event underscored the importance of equipping our first responders with knowledge and resources about infectious disease safety, ensuring they can effectively serve while staying protected.

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