Watch this session to learn about the needs regarding infectious diseases of one of our most vulnerable workforces: education

CLEAN Lessons Learned

Protecting Our Most Vulnerable Workers: Challenges, Solutions & Invisible Barriers

Education: Risks and Recommendations

This was the Education session of the CLEAN 2022 summit: Protecting Our Most Vulnerable Workers: Challenges, Solutions & Invisible Barriers with Moderators Alex LeBeau and Cynthia Eghbalnia and speakers Amy Bahruth, Claire Barnett, Kerensa Wing, and Joel Solomon. 

In this panel discussion, experts delved deeply into the impact of infectious disease guidelines in educational settings. Central to their discourse was the emphasis on classroom ventilation requirements and the pressing need for practical standards. The shortcomings of past efforts were brought to light, especially given the heightened awareness of these needs amidst the pandemic. The experts’ consensus was that while efforts had been made, they were often piecemeal and lacked a cohesive strategy. 

A significant portion of the dialogue centered on how COVID-19 affected schools. Panelists conveyed that the pandemic magnified existing gaps in health and safety protocols for educational institutions, emphasizing the need for robust infectious disease guidelines tailored to schools. Amidst the challenges, the role of proper classroom ventilation was underscored, given its potential to mitigate disease spread and foster healthier learning environments. The session ended with a collective call to action for policymakers and stakeholders: to acknowledge the lessons from COVID-19, prioritize the health of students and staff, and implement evidence-based guidelines to ensure safer school environments moving forward.

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