With another week of individual and group calls, the second iteration of this venture was agreed to…

The new name was the International Association of Environmental Biomonitoring & Clearance Criteria. 

A fundamental discovery of early conversations saw that a lexicon to define words was necessary as the global pandemic was crossing lines between scientific specialties and government agencies, many of which have distinct definitions for the same words. It was also clear that to make a space safe was going to require a truly holistic approach to hygiene, not just a review of chemicals and cleaning practices. A top-down rewrite of how humanity lives together was going to be required. 

This included an evaluation of air circulation, water, and sewerage discharge, as well as architectural issues assessing HVAC ventilation and how people move into and out of the space. 

Jayne Morrow reached out to the SLOAN Institute. She began weekly conversations with the director Paula Olszewski to capture the scope of specialties required to address hygiene in the built space completely. The idea was formed to create a steering committee of world-renowned leaders from across the fields of microbiology, chemistry, aerosols, social and behavioral science, and engineering.