Severe Group A Strep Infections

Protect yourself, your organization, and your community from Severe Group A Strep (GAS) infections and Other Secondary Bacterial Infections

There’s a significant increase in severe GAS
infections among children in the United States

Invasive GAS (iGAS) infections can be life-threatening as they can lead to necrotizing fasciitis and streptococcal toxic shock syndrome. It’s time to take action and protect yourself and others from these dangerous diseases.

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Is this immunity debt?

Something seems unusual both in the timing and the number of infections; however, there are too many factors to consider for that question to be answered factually. 


For example:

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It is expected from common infections to rise in/after winter

Grupo 17237

The incidence of infections depends on how many children are born yearly

Grupo 17238

COVID-19 may have weakened some people’s immune systems

Grupo 17239

Immunity wanes if unexposed for some time, people may be more susceptible

Grupo 17240

School-aged children may not have built up immunity to iGAS