Watch this session to learn about the pandemic’s effects on consumer behavior, corporate business models, and financial markets, and watch PNC’s forecasts for economic growth, the job market, inflation, and interest rates.

CLEAN Lessons Learned

The Economic Challenges Of The COVID-19 Era

In a captivating session led by Tony Cowan, economist Bill Adams delved deep into the intricacies of post-pandemic economic recovery, with a particular focus on Australia’s border reopening strategies. Drawing on his analysis of global measures, Adams highlighted that no single country had mastered every facet of pandemic management. Instead, he emphasized the importance of observing and adapting successful strategies from around the world. Adams touched upon pivotal elements such as test and trace, quarantine protocols, and effective public messaging. The discussion underscored the significance of flexibility, adaptation, and collective learning as nations grapple with the challenges and work toward solutions in these unprecedented times.

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